We can live Fully Alive!

John tells us in his New Testament book that Jesus said “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full(John 10:10 NIV). What is the “full” life? How do we initiate this life for ourselves? What does it practically look like to step into this invitation that Jesus has for us?

We want to help you discover the full life. Our hope is that you would step into tomorrow with a personal mission statement, an understanding of purpose, and how you can live and love like Jesus each and every day.

This series was a significant moment in the life of our church in 2023. If you prefer to listen you can do that on our “Do Life Different Podcast”

Week 10: The Fully Alive Impact

Sunday December 10, 2023
Pastor Mike Francisco

Week 9: The Fully Alive Story

Sunday December 3, 2023
Pastor Mike Francisco
(with Todd Sageser story)

Week 8: The Fully Alive Passions

Sunday November 26, 2023
Pastor Mike Francisco

Week 7: The Fully Alive Gifts

Sunday November 19, 2023
Pastor Mike Francisco & Natalia Roman-Galarza

Week 6: The Fully Alive Masterpiece

Sunday November 12, 2023
Pastor Mike Francisco

Week 5: The Fully Alive Key

Sunday November 5, 2023
Pastor Mike Francisco

Week 4: The Fully Alive Formula

Sunday October 29, 2023
Pastor Mike Franisco

Week 3: The Fully Alive Hero

Sunday October 22, 2023
Pastor Mike Francisco

Week 2: The Enemy of Fully Alive

Sunday October 15, 2023
Pastor Mike Francisco

Week 1: Living Fully Alive

Sunday October 8, 2023
Pastor Mike Francisco

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