As we look at what is ahead in 2024 for 11|28, we’re excited for the possibilities in front of us as a church. 2024 is our year to “grow up” and become a self sustaining church. If you didn’t know, multiple churches and organizations have supported our launch with financial gifts totaling $200,000 over three years since we first began in 2021.

This year, we want to develop our generosity muscle as a church. We haven’t talked about generosity much these first few years, and thats because it can be awkward for just about everyone. For some of us it’s even painful or frustrating. We get it… which is why we shared this message about generosity recently.

But this year, as we continue to learn to be generous, we will talk about it in our gatherings, our groups, and other settings where it makes sense. If you ever feel awkward, uncomfortable, have hard questions, or want to share your perspective, please do. The reason talking about generosity is awkward is because we haven’t normalized having healthy dialogues about money. And being a church that likes to do things different… let’s see if we can talk about money different too!

So this year, would you help us grow up into a self sustaining church? 24 more in 2024 (we know it’s cheesy, sorry) is our way of talking about what practicing generosity looks like here. If 24 individuals, couples, or households were to give $24 more per week in 2024, we would offset the loss of outside partners this year. For some of us that would mean giving $24 a week for the very first time, for others it might mean bumping that $15 a week gift up to $40. While others of us might increase our gifts from $100 or $250 a week to $125 or $275.

The easiest way for you to give $24 more in 2024 is to set up a recurring gift. You can set that to be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or something that works for you. Thank you for help us take this important next step as a church in 2024.

With Love,

Mike and Colleen Francisco
11|28 Co-Pastors

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