We've been regulated to think that going to the church on Sundays is "being the church". Many of us forget, or haven't been told, that the church is actually a community of people intentionally blessing and loving our neighbors because thats what Jesus asks us to do. Join us on Sunday mornings at 10am in the Oak Creek Community Center for some practical tools to help you BE.THE.CHURCH. Our February 2022 Series

Listen in as Colleen and Mike kick off BE.THE.CHURCH. A brand new series about making a difference in your neighbors lives.

Listen in as Mike talks about listening as a key to BLESSing your neighbors.

Riyan brings us a message about sharing a meal as a way of BLESSing our neighbors.

Listen in as our Lead Pastor, Mike Francisco, gives us some practical tools and tips for serving our neighbors.

Mike wraps up our series by focusing on John 9 and sharing our stories.

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