Messy people is a series for everyone... or at least those of us who struggle to be perfect. No matter how hard you try in life, you somehow manage to fail sometimes. The reality is, life is messy, it sometimes feels broken, we sometimes look like a mess while attempting to just hold it together. If you've every been there, or if you know someone that has, this series is for you. You'll be given practical every day resources to help you navigate life with a new perspective. And if this isn't for you, you'll come away with new tools for helping those you care about most, live a different kind of life.

Mike kicks off "Messy People", a series for anyone who struggles to be perfect.

Join Mike as he asks if failure disqualifies us from living a life of purpose.

Mike wraps up the Messy People series by talking about the reality of God's "Annoying Love".

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