New Year, New You. But probably not, right!?! Let's be honest, change doesn't happen overnight or by accident. You've probably been wanting to change some part of your life for a while, but something hasn't lined up. Maybe you've put it off, or don't know how to start. Maybe you've tried to change and have failed. Or maybe you just don't know if your life can actually be different.

Secret Sauce: Soul Transformation

February 5, 2023
Pastor Mike Francisco

Secret Sauce: Community

January 29, 2023
Pastor Colleen Francisco

Secret Sauce: Provision

January 22, 2023
Niki Schabo

Secret Sauce: Mission

January 15, 2023
Co-Pastors Mike and Colleen Francisco

Secret Sauce: Identity (Audio Only)

January 8, 2023
Pastor Mike Francisco

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